Mama Style: Casual Dresses

This weekend has been the perfect example of our unpredictable weather.

It’s been warm one moment then humid and raining the next.

Last year I brought a denim tee shirt dress and wore it on those lovely summer days, and those not so hot days.  It wasn’t too clingy and hid my lumpy bits ; )

I’ve been perusing casual dresses, and these are my favourites so far.  In fact I already have Two and Six!


One.             Two.         Three. 

Four.             Five.           Six.  

I shall be teaming these up with sun jellies, saltwaters and converse.  And layering up with cardigans and denim jackets.

What is your preferred casual Summer attire?! 

Procrastinating- Here and Now.



I have always prided myself on being well organised with time, I quoted it at a recent job interview,  but recently the whole concept of time management is something I am getting worse at. Either that or my ‘to do’ list {everyone loves a list, right?} is becoming more complex.

I am rubbish at responding to texts and voice mails, this is nothing new, I have always been really bad at this- sorry friends.  But my response time now is so much slower.

I  have a new job. Eeeekkkk. I start very soon, I am just working my notice in my current role. This was completely unplanned although I had been considering looking for a new job this coming September {when Thing 2 would have settled into secondary school}. I am now worrying about missing out on the final weeks and months of Year 6 with my youngest Son.  As a mother I will never experience this again.

Today I had a day off. And instead of doing boring mundane {but essential} jobs I watched Gossip Girl. I’m now on Season 2.

I have a course to complete. I started off really positive and motivated but recently I have been procrastinating when I should be studying.  I think this is my favourite pass time.  Except I have a course to complete. I have been losing myself on Instagram perusing others’ homes. Oh my. I want white walls. Everywhere. But obviously this would not be practical. Would it?! And anyway I have a course to complete. Thank God the internet wasn’t what it is today during the ’90’s, otherwise I would never had graduated Uni!

But that’s the thing with procrastination. We know we’re doing it, we know we’re losing time and not achieving what we need to do and yet we still keep doing it.

Do you have any tips on how to stop procrastinating? 

Do you want mustard with that?!

There seems to be a lot of mustard around these parts at the moment.  I seem to be seeing it on every turn.  And more recently down the front of Thing 2’s tee shirt, following a BBQ this past weekend.

I’ve seen mustard scarves, mustard cardigans and mustard handbags streaming through my Instagram account.

Here are some of my favourite bags I’ve been perusing.

Just look.


They are screaming Summer, aren’t they?!


1// Michael Kors 2// Zara 3// Top Shop 4// Zara {again #notsorry}

They are all the perfect size for sunscreen and a small umbrella- so that you’re prepared for this very British weather!


Untidy Teens


Via E Cards

Via E Cards

The boys have been off school for the Easter holiday.  It feels like it has lasted 100 days. We still have a few more days to go.  Now, don’t get me wrong. The holidays have been great. I’ve gained approximately 5 stone by eating and drinking copious amounts of crap food and nice wine whilst out and about.

Our neighbour works from home.  I bet he wishes he didn’t. You see the problem with having the boys at home instead of at school is the mess that accompanies them. Who knew the holiday rules that when opening a packet of crisps at least 2 of them have to be dropped on the floor and trod in.  And muddy football boots are allowed to be walked through the house during this school free time. You didn’t know?! I didn’t get the memo either. I found a fork in the teens bedroom the other day, along with 6 mugs.  Why?!  I must ask this question a thousand times a day. And our poor neighbour, he hears me too.

When you have a teen sometimes no matter what you say, they just ain’t listening.  And they just don’t see that god damn mess they’re creating.  And they just don’t wanna tidy.

“I am NOT your slave!” I scream *stamping my foot with my hand on my hip*

“But you are a Mother and you wanted kids” replies the teen.

Attitude, much?! Right here is when I feel the urge to punch him. Really hard. Except I don’t because he’s nearly 6 foot {I’m only 5’3″} and it’s illegal. Obvs.

These teens will do what they want. When they want. No amount of SHOUTING about it encourages the task.

Things I hear myself saying a gajillion times a day

* Bring your cups/ bowls/ cutlery into the kitchen

* Put your cups/ bowls/ cutlery into the dishwasher

* Pick your clothes up off the floor

* Put your rubbish in the bin

* Take ‘said item’ back to your room

It’s stuff that gets left in the wrong place that irks me. Big time. The trod in crisps are not so much a problem, you see we have a dog who appreciates this kind gesture, or at least that’s what the teen calls it. I call it a mess.

And FYI. Our neighbour isn’t responsible for peeing on the toilet seat. He told me so when I saw him on the drive way, after a rather pissy day ; )

Does anyone know how to make a teen boy tidy?!

Our Hallway

My Instagram feed is often full of areas in our home and yet I’ve never blogged about our interior projects that we’ve completed. Our hallway was one of the first rooms we decorated when we moved into our house 5 years ago.  It is the first room, the first part of our home, that visitors see. The hallway had green patterned carpet and it simply had to go. The bannister and spindles also were renewed and the full length stained glass front door was replaced with an oak door. We replaced the carpet up the stairs with a beige coloured one and replaced the floor boards in the hallway, keeping these un carpeted and varnished them. Mr 29 fitted a black cast iron radiator as a feature. We painted the walls olive green and I loved it. It got commented on by everyone who visited but as time went by it was just too dark and needed updating.

We decided just after Christmas we would make over our hallway. As mentioned above a lot of the work was completed previously so it simply just needed to be repainted.  It became a more expensive and messier project than initially anticipated when 1} the paint tin dominoed down the stairs and ruined the carpet we had hoped would last a bit longer and 2} I decided I wanted the light switch moved {from the middle of the wall} above the radiator so that I could have a mirror there instead.


We painted the walls grey to lighten the whole area up.


The light switch was moved from where the middle of the mirror is now.  It was channeled into the wall to its current position and created a houseful of dust.


       We re varnished the floor boards.


The light was replaced from a ‘dated’ 3 pendant ceiling light.  And the photo wall has finally been started. I can’t wait to add to it.


Funky light bulb, non?!

imageWe decided to have a darker carpet on the stairs this time, and opted for this light brown colour. This is also in the upstairs landing.

A hallway is a boring room. We don’t live in a mansion and vey little time is actually spent in here.  It’s effectively a walk thru from room to room.  We are waiting for new bedroom doors to be delivered {1930’s pine 4 panelled doors} and the under stairs will be boxed in shortly.    We wanted a lighter feel and our tastes reflected and I think we achieved this.

When At The School Gates

School runs always feel like a chore to me. That last hour before school pick up, between 2 and 3, just flies by.  I achieve little during this time and arrive at the school gates with a gazillion thoughts in my head.  And then, within minutes, I think the following.


1.  They’re late again. Why is my child never out on time?

2. Crap. I’m going to get a ticket if he doesn’t hurry up. Yeah. It looked like rain so I drove. He’s gonna have to suck it up and miss out on a walking sticker today.

3. B*ll*cks. It actually is raining now and I’ve left washing on the line.

4. Why is my child ALWAYS the last one out?

5. When checking his school bag the museum consent form is still in there.  It was due in yesterday.

6.  He hasn’t swapped his reading book. Again.

7.  He isn’t wearing his coat. Or school jumper.

8. He isn’t carrying his coat or school jumper.

9. He’s walking with that boy I owe a tea date to.  Crapola.  I don’t have any food in.  Please don’t ask for him to come around tonight.

10. There is no food at home. I have an extra child to feed. What are WE going to have for dinner?

11.  We’re going to have to go to the Supermarket.

12. Have I got enough petrol to get there?

13.  Wine. I will buy wine.

What do you think about at school pick up? 

Our home

What makes a house a home?

Our home is a normal 1930’s semi detached house.   You see this type of house in nearly every street in the UK.   Mr 29’s parents moved into this house when he was 10 years old. We brought it on our return from Australia.

Mr 29 was unsettled, I think he had cabin fever when we first moved in. He said he felt as though he still lived at home with his parents.  After a long renovation he is settled again.  We have replaced the front door, the back doors, the windows, knocked walls down and put walls back up.

Nothing is how it was.

Our front door is always open. Despite the signage above it.


An invite is never needed. It simply is a case of ‘rocking up’

A friend dropping something off or a neighbour popping in for a cup of sugar {seriously, who knew this still happens in 2015?!} will often lead to impromptu wine filled evenings.

And I love it.

I love that the neighbours know where the wine glasses are.  I love the friends who make tea when they’re here.  I love that my God Son knows where the treats are kept.

Our children’s dogs are buried in the same garden as Mr 29’s pets.  We have created a heart from solar panel fairy lights as a reminder.

I spend far too much time procrastinating over Instagram and Pinterest but as much I like  white walls I don’t have any in my house.  It seems that our home is always a work in progress- things are constantly changing, being replaced or being moved around.  The hallway has undergone a second make over, we {the royal we- being Mr 29 alone} have repainted the olive green walls to grey and, my, what a difference that makes.

What do you love about your home?! 

Teen boys make me scream. And shout. A lot.

I recently posted this photo on my instagram account.

Please note the caption.


I really do feel, on some days the teen is sucking life out of me.  It is exhausting.  But don’t worry, as tempting as it is, I will not do anything to ruin his perfect incisors and handsome looks.

I open my mouth, and my mother comes out, “You treat this house like a hotel” I say. Mr 29 joins in with “Turn off the lights- this house looks like Blackpool tower”.  But these kids, these boys, this teenager of ours is just so trying.

Cups and glasses get taken into his bedroom and never come down.  Last week I counted 7. I shouted. Mr 29 shouted.  I don’t think he would shout if I didn’t, it doesn’t see to bother him as much as me. The teen brought the cups down and placed them into the kitchen sink. And left them.  So I placed them into the dishwasher.

Today I have taken a pair of track suit bottoms out of the dirty washing basket. They were clean and folded them up and put them into his drawer. Also I removed a tee shirt  that I ironed over the weekend and asked him to hang up in his wardrobe.  He did not wear it and placed it back into dirty laundry, so I hung this up too.

Last night, I screamed for him to take a hoodie back upstairs. It had been placed at the bottom of the stairs on Friday night.  That’s 48 hours people.

This morning I have hidden all the hair gel and the combs. Every school morning they are left in the living room.  EVERY school morning.

 And while I’m at it his toothbrush is ALWAYS abandoned behind the bathroom Taps.



Mother’s Day Wish List

With Mother’s Day just under 2 weeks away- on Sunday 15th March, I thought I should probably start prompting Mr 29 and the boys* with some of my favourite things.


1       2       3       4

My Thomas Sabo bracelets and necklace would benefit greatly from this gorgeous charm. It’s a campervan on a charm.  Who doesn’t want one?!

I receive a piece of Emma Bridgewater every Mamas Day.  I am  perfectly happy for this tradition to continue.

What is better then a party ring biscuit?!  A party ring biscuit cushion, obvs. And a jammy dodger.  And a custard cream.

Cath Kidston have an amazing wicker style tote which would be fabulous for the Spring and Summer.


* Not that they read this blog but rest assured I have hinted.  A lot.

When life was simpler. Ish.

 Oh my.  Ain’t it just fabulous when ‘friends’ post photos of you from nearly 20 years ago?!

Pre husband {although we were dating}.  Pre children.  Pre compulsory bra wearing.  To my perfectly pert breasts which did not sag: I miss you guys.  I thought life was good.  Nothing from my ‘when at Uni’  list happens anymore.  Some of it I miss {my Ma doing my laundry and food shopping}.  And some of it, not so much- I wouldn’t have the stamina for a pre kids holiday anymore.


  Drunk girls with road signs. What of it?!  Standard end to a night out, non?!

* Coming home with a souvenir.  See photo above.  My flat mate and I also took great pride with a dreadlock which was pinned to the front door.

* Size 6 trousers.  Top Shop I loved you back then.  Helped by a discount with my NUS card.

* Sun beds.  With no thought to future wrinkles.

* Drinking as much alcohol as you can in the buy 1 get 1 free deal.  Being sick and then starting over.

* Going out with a camera.  Not even a digital one.  You can see the photo above, right?! It was probably developed in Happy Snaps.  Although some of us had mobile phones we couldn’t take photos on them.  Or text.

* Going to lectures with a hangover.  18 and hanging went hand in hand, right?! <<OK so sometimes we didn’t go.

* Have I mentioned size 6 trousers?!

* My Mum washed my clothes. At weekends when I went home. Awesome.

* My mum did my shopping. I had a box full of goodies when I left on Sundays.

^^ The 2 points above totally did not prepare me for being a grown up. Do you know how much Ariel liquid and Comfort softener costs in the supermarket?!

* 18-30 holidays.  And twenties.  Not a James Villa or family in sight kind of holiday.  Booked via Ceefax.  Do you actually remember that? This was internet {almost} on your tele!

* Hitch Hiking. What the actual f*ck did we do?! All that alcohol made us invincible.  We were students and a cab fare was saved.  This is no excuse.  Bad decision.

* Size 6 trousers……

I could go on. I was at Uni for 3 years, but tell me about you.

what were your high or low points whilst at University?! 


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